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Archive for July 2020

Apply for Our Dental Assisting Scholarship

It’s not too late for our dental assisting scholarship! The scholarship application has been extended to a July 23, 2020 deadline. Click here for scholarship details or to apply. Most of us start out early in life moving from one job to another trying to find that perfect fit. However, many get “stuck” in one of those jobs for far too long before realizing a change is desperately needed! Having the self-awareness and courage to recognize a change needs to happen often times is not an immediate process.

dental assisting scholarship

The Dental Assistant School of San Diego 13-week program teaches you the skills you need to become a registered dental assistant. Begin your new, recession proof career that offers good pay, job security and a professional work environment!

The course is in an actual dental facility that is dedicated to the school using state-of-the art equipment. We offer dental assistant internship with a practicing local dentist so that you have the experience needed to get hired.

Take a chance and start your path to achieving your dental assisting goals today! Don’t wait… Email or call (760) 691-1933 for more information on joining the thriving dental industry or our $400 dental assisting scholarship. We look forward to hear from you!

Dr. John Coleman