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Dental Assistant School Success

Dental Assistant School SuccessI encourage anyone that wants to be a dental assistant to enroll now, you will not regret it! Taking this dental course was a great experience, what stood out the most to me was that the staff will definitely go out of their way for you as a student.

Brynn was an amazing teacher, she made the course fun and made sure I learned everything I needed to know. The staff is great, Dr. John & Dr. Coleman are amazing! I appreciate all the dedication that was put into this program. The school will definitely help you succeed.

– says Melissa D., Dental Assistant
(Dental Assistant School Success)


New Scholarships for Dental Assistant Program

Are you looking for a new career that has great pay? Check out the new scholarships for the dental assistant program being offered by the Dental Assistant School of San Diego.

Dr. Coleman has funded scholarships for a very limited time for the next session. These scholarships range from a minimum of $200 all the way to Full tuition. However, these great scholarships are limited in number. The final deadline to apply has been extended – click below for the date. But hurry before they are gone — get your scholarship today!

Dental Assistant Program

Click Here to download the Scholarship form to apply.

The dental assisting training offered at our school meets the challenges of a new career in the real-world. The program schedule is designed for working students. These scholarships can help solve financing issues for the selected prospective students. Become a dental assistant today and join our successful group of graduates!

Take advantage of this opportunity and reserve a spot in our next Dental Assistant class… Email or call (760) 691-1933 today!

Dr. John Coleman


Cosmetic Dentistry and Dental Assisting

When you hear the term dental assisting and cosmetic dentistry, what’s the first idea that pops up in your mind? Perhaps you’re thinking about teeth whitening or other popular treatments undergone by celebrities to achieve perfect, shiny white teeth.

Cosmetic Dentistry

To a certain extent, that is true. But on a larger scale, cosmetic dentistry goes beyond aesthetics, but what is cosmetic dentistry?

Cosmetic dentistry refers to the procedures that dental assistants and dentists use to improve the smiles of their patients. While many of these are cosmetic in nature, quite a few of these are restorative and can solve numerous oral problems.

Here’s a brief glimpse of a few cosmetic dentistry services.

Bleaching or Teeth Whitening

One of the most common cosmetic dentistry services that dental assistants help with is teeth whitening. To determine the right amount of whitening solution for patients, a dental assistant needs to create a custom mouthpiece. Teeth whitening may be performed at the dental office or at home under the supervision of the dental office. Whitening can be used to eliminate stains caused by food and drinks, medications, and cigarettes, or to make the teeth whiter by a shade.


A dental assistant can use bonding, under the supervision of the dentist, to change the color of the teeth or even close gaps. But compared to other restorative treatments, bonding can sometimes be chipped or stained. For chipped or decayed teeth, composite resins may be used. Small cavities can also be filled by bonding.


Crowns or caps are used to cover a tooth in order to restore its appearance and shape. Of all the types of cosmetic restorations, crowns last the longest. However, caps are also among the most expensive and most time-consuming service that a dental assistant will help with.


Veneers may be used to change the color or shape of the teeth or for the treatment of misshapen, chipped, crooked, or unevenly shaped teeth.Veneers may be made out of either plastic or porcelain and are placed over the front teeth.  These are usually recommended as an alternative to crowns.

Contouring and Reshaping

In the case of crooked, chipped or irregularly shaped teeth, the dental assistant may recommend tooth reshaping and contouring. The procedure performed in the dental office is used to change the position, length and shape of teeth and is sometimes used to correct minor bite problems. It may also be used in conjunction with tooth reshaping.

When a patients are interested in a particular treatment, the dental assistant should inform them of what changes to expect, how the procedure is done, and what maintenance is required. In order to determine which procedures are right for the patient, the dental assistant should take into account the condition of the teeth as well as the patient’s goals.

Are you ready to become a dental assistant? You owe it to yourself to get the training you deserve! Don’t wait… Email or call (760) 691-1933 today!

Dr. John Coleman

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Dental Assistant Programs – $100 Discount Coupon

Our dental assisting school is considered “The Best” because the training includes an internship in a state-of-the-art dental office and goes beyond the basics of other dental assistant programs. A new exciting opportunity is that Dr. John Coleman and the Dental Assistant School of San Diego are offering an additional $100 discount for the next session to help reduce the cost of tuition.

Dental Assistant Programs

Our dental assistant programs are small which is made for individual attention and enables students to quickly find dental assisting jobs. This discount for the next session is available for students who enroll by September 9th, 2016 – and while seats remain in the class. Note that this discount can be combined with the $50 discount coupon for online signup – for a total savings of $150 off Tuition!

If you want to grab this discount savings and join our next session simply email or call (760) 691-1933 or come visit the school today!

Dr. John Coleman

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Dental Assistant Training – Are You Ready for a Change?

What is holding you back from beginning Dental Assistant Training? You name it, we have heard it. However every graduate tells us it was so much easier than they thought to begin and complete their education.

dental assistant trainingAre you ready? Are you ready for a change and a new career? You are interested in our 13-week dental assisting course. What is holding you back? Whatever obstacle it is, we can help you work through it. Don’t let a promising career be blocked by the complications or problems of day-to-day life. Contact us and see how we can help!

I strongly believe that the Dental Assistant School of San Diego curriculum and it’s effectiveness can help you make an exciting change. Take advantage of this opportunity and get a spot in our next Dental Assistant training session while there is still room…

Don’t wait… Email or call (760) 691-1933 today!

Dr. John Coleman


Dental Assistant Career – Time For A New Choice?

Are you feeling trapped in your job? Does you current job lack the pay you need to make ends meet? If this is you, then a new exciting dental assistant career is right for you.



The job demand is very high for dental assisting everywhere in the United States. A dental assisting career is recession-proof with great pay so you don’t have to work multiple jobs. Job security is at the forefront of a dental assistant career and you will be glad you are in the dental field when it comes time to help people.

For some people, one of the most difficult aspects of keeping a long-term job is the boredom of returning to the same office to do the same things, day after day. Luckily, being a dental assistant is rarely boring. In addition to seeing new patients and practicing new dentistry each day, dental assistants can work in a variety of locations; some even work part-time at two or more locations to keep things even more exciting.

Are you ready to become a dental assistant? You owe it to yourself to get the training you deserve! Don’t wait… Email or call (760) 691-1933 today!

Dr. John Coleman

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Dental Assistant School – Right Career Choice?

Dental Assistant SchoolIs a recession-proof career what you have been looking for? Do you need a career with great pay? If so, then you are looking for a job in dental assisting. Dental assistants are in the very high demand and growing field of dental and medical care. Our Dental Assistant School can help you get qualified to enter this exciting field.

Let the Dental Assistant School of San Diego help you become a dental assistant. Space in out classes is limited, so why not call (760) 691-1933 or email to reserve a spot in our next session. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by, schedule a tour of our school now. You can also check out some dental school reviews on our Google page.

We are here to help and look forward to hearing from you.

Dr. John Coleman

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Dental Assistant Salary is Good – Start a NEW career!

Start a NEW CAREER as a Dental Assistant. Earn a great Dental Assistant Salary after the 13 week course is over. You can get flexible payment plans and other financial options might be available.

Dental Assistant Salary

You can do this!

You will get training for employment as a dental assistant.  Here are some of the advantages that a dental assisting career offers :

  • Good pay.
  • Good job security.
  • Work with professionals.
  • Exciting work.
  • Fulfilling career.

We have limited space available per class so sign up now! Reserve your spot while you can…

Make sure to visit us on our Facebook page about dental assisting for more resources.

Email or call (760) 691-1933

Dr. John Coleman

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Dental Assisting – Listen to the Experts

There couldn’t be a better time to achieve a career in the dental assisting field. You have heard that unemployment is on the rise in these economic hard times. Although many industries today are seeing a downturn, the Dentistry and Healthcare fields are growing.

It’s time for a New Career, become a dental assistant today!

Dental Assisting

One of the fastest growing fields today is dental assisting according to the US bureau of Labor Statistics. Qualified dental assistants are in short supply, so join the dental assisting field for a recession-proof career.

It is time for everyone to stop being a victim of this economy. You owe it to yourself to get the training you deserve! Don’t wait…Email or call (760) 691-1933 today!

Dr. John Coleman